About Us

Glass is something you probably take for granted, until it breaks. No matter who you are, or where you live, getting it repaired or replaced is as simple as calling or emailing Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium. Your inquiry will immediately be directed to a Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium technician.

At Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium we stock mirror glass and flat glass in various colours, textures and thicknesses at all times. We are ready for your call and depending on the scope of your request, we can usually cut, polish, and install your glass within the same day.

Our trained specialists at Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium can visit your home and repair almost any glass item and do house calls daily for the glass products below (for break-ins we clean-up the glass mess and board up the opening)

Our Commercial Service Division not only performs large jobs, but also handles small projects such as stock doors, small storefronts, and aluminum window replacements. There is no commercial glass repair, glass replacement or commercial glass installation job that is too large or too small for us! We believe in turning small commercial projects around very quickly, leading us to get the job done on time, and often under budget. Our 24-hour Emergency Repair Service is the best in the business and ensures that you will receive quality glass repair and replacement services as quickly and efficiently as possible.