Safety Glass
Safety glass is a stronger, safer version of ordinary glass. Safety glass is glass used in critical locations on a structure to ensure that the structure both conforms to safety standards and has less potential of harming someone if the glass was to break. It is often used in locations where human harm due to breakage is likely, such as cars and low windows.
Replacing your old windows with new ones from Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium can transform your home and save you money, too. If your home has single pane wood or metal windows, in the summer, the sun turns your home into a greenhouse. Modern window glass also reduces up to 85% of the UV rays reaching and fading your valuable furniture and carpets. Today's modern windows include vinyl, fiberglass, wood wrapped and many other materials, combined with double panes, inert gases and modern installations. If you're ready to breathe new life into your home, imagine what new vinyl windows or an updated bathroom shower or mirror will do for you. Our Residential Department is the regional leader in vinyl windows, showers, mirrors, cut glass and custom glass. And taking your home to a new level has never been easier. However you measure it, new windows from Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium is the smart choice for comfort, beauty and savings.

Shop Fronts
If you've had a glass breakage in your home, all you want to know is how quickly it can be fixed. Our prompt home glass replacement services ensure that we'll get your glass problems under control quickly.

Our Commercial Service Division not only performs large jobs, but also handles small projects such as stock doors, small storefronts, and aluminium window replacements. There is no commercial glass repair, glass replacement or commercial glass installation job that is too large or too small for us! We believe in turning small commercial projects around very quickly, leading us to get the job done on time, and often under budget. Our 24-hour Emergency Repair Service is the best in the business and ensures that you will receive quality glass repair and replacement services as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We offer commercial hardware repairs and hardware replacement services, commercial glass replacement services, and commercial window and door repairs. We also provide quality products such as custom aluminium windows and doors, aluminium storefront framing, glass handrails and railings, commercial skylights, commercial windows, commercial doors, exit device hardware, curtain walls and more!

Your windows can play a vital role in keeping you and your family warm, protected and undisturbed by noise outside. Many people see their windows as just a means to let natural light into their home or to look through. Here at Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium we understand there are many more benefits to having glazed windows installed, such as lower energy costs, increased security and lower carbon emissions helping the environment and lowering the effects of global warming.

Window glazing is the actual glass part of a window. Glazing is mounted in the window with the assistance of glazing putty and a frame which supports the glass and hold it in place. The act of replacing glass is known as "reglazing," and there are a number of reasons to reglaze a window, ranging from the need to replace broken glass to a desire to outfit a window with more energy efficient glass.

Fish and Reptile Tanks
Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium understands the special bond between a pet and it's owner, and we work hard to ensure the enjoyment of both by providing the right knowledge necessary to successfully care for these unique pets. We're proud to offer fish and reptile tanks that are specifically designed for each species-and their delicate digestive systems-in mind. Our goal is to maximize the energy, health and life span of your pet by helping you to provide just the right habitat. Our tanks & aquariums are made using thick glass and special silicone meant to hold water.

Replacement Mirrors
Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium can cut custom mirrors for your every need. We also can order highly specialized mirror products with highly artistic looks. Whether you need a small bathroom mirror replaced or a completely mirrored wall, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

  • Custom Sizes
  • Various Thickness
  • Bevelled and Artistic Edges
  • Expert Installation
  • Quick Turn Around on all Orders


Standard & Marine Grade Stainless Steel Screens
As with all Stainless Steel Mesh, it is the weaving process not the thickness that determines the strength. Our Marine Grade Stainless Steel Screens uses a specially designed weaving machine to guarantee maximum strength and flatness. Stainless Steel Mesh has a flex which is what makes it so strength; it actually can absorb impact making it impossible to kick in. Fly Screen Windows
Fly Screen Windows
On our entire window insect screens range a variety of mesh materials and weave sizes can be fitted to suit individual requirements. The screens can be fitted over many different types of windows and openings.

Fly Door Screens
All our door insect and fly screens are purpose made and manufactured from strong extruded aluminium sections, they can include a decorative protective grille, to stop the mesh from being pushed or kicked out. Our fly screen doors can be fitted over wooden, PVCu and metal doors; sub-frames for the doors are sometimes required to avoid the doors fouling the existing handles. Our screen doors offer excellent protection from flies, bees, wasps and other flying pests.

All our doors are purpose made and are manufactured from strong extruded aluminium sections; they can include a decorative protective grille, to stop the mesh from being pushed or kicked out. Some can be removed easily without the use of any specialist tools.

Security Screens
You love your family or place of business. Does their safety require a higher level of security? Do you still like getting fresh air through your house? If this seems to be difficult to reconcile, call Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium. With our security screen doors, you can have the security that your family needs and the comfort that you deserve.

Whether you need a security screen door for swinging and sliding applications, we have what you need. The doors are high quality and their style is unparallel. No matter what size or special needs you may have, a perfect fit is guaranteed.

Security screen doors come in both resilient aluminium and extremely strong steel. Because you have your choice between the two styles, understand that both provide excellent protection. While aluminium security doors typically achieve a much tighter fit for bug control, steel doors are heavy and strong. Steel doors are built using full frame technology, powder coatings and their attention to insect control has increased. Whichever you choose be aware that installation is the key to a perfect fit.

Pet Mesh
You can install Pet Mesh into window screens, sliding screen doors, porch screens or anywhere tradition screening is used. Our pet proof window screens are seven times stronger than traditional fibreglass or aluminium screening. Pet Mesh is resistant to tears and damage caused by household pets.

Pet Mesh installed, just as standard window screen mesh is installed in doors or windows. Pet Mesh screen is made from vinyl coated polyester. Pet Mesh is much heavier than traditional fibreglass or aluminium screening.

Shower Screens
In a hectic world, a bathroom is an oasis, a quiet place to relax and indulge yourself. More than merely functional, a bathroom should be beautiful, a place to pamper yourself, to shut the door and let the world drift away for a few precious moments every day.

The Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium range of shower screens will provide the inspiration you need to create your own perfect oasis. Our range includes semi-framed, frameless or framed shower screens. Whether you're replacing an existing unit or renovating from scratch, our range of shower and bath screens offer something for everyone ranging from the designer Mito the family friendly Shower selection.



Awnings offer several benefits to a home. Having a patio awning makes your patio or deck feel like an outdoor room. You can enjoy the view and spending time outdoors in the fresh air, while staying protected from the direct sun and rain. Many homeowners find they use the patio or deck more often after installing a deck awning or patio cover.

A patio awning or deck awning brings the décor of your home outside. The addition of an awning adds aesthetic value to your patio. Deans Blinds offer several options to fit the décor of your home and your personal preferences. Patio covers are available in several shapes, colours and fabrics. We specialise in various patio covers and styles such as:

  • Patio Awnings
  • Window Awnings
  • Deck Awnings
  • Balcony Awnings


Aluminum Security Doors
For years, Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium has supplied aluminium residential and commercial glass doors for homes, buildings and commercial applications throughout the Whitsundays area. Designed to meet or exceed custom specifications, all Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium doors are offered in a variety of colours, anodized, or painted finishes. Our installations allow your building to meet applicable handicap and fire code requirements, while also offering maximum security capabilities.
Single & Double Security Doors
Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium is the industry leader in home security doors. Make a statement with your doorways; install an elegant way to meet friends but a safe way to greet strangers. Security Doors provide a professional measuring and fitting services throughout the Whitsunday's. Our team of installation experts will perform a comprehensive survey of your site, to ensure not only the correct size and type of door is ordered but also advise you on health & safety matters regarding the location of the door installation - giving you complete peace of mind in your new security door.

Glass Doors
Let Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium set the interior of your facility apart by installing glass doors, all glass partitions, all glass walls, and decorative glass fabrications. The result is a clean and polished facility which is not only elegant, but easy to maintain. Accent your all-glass interior with a variety of metal hardware and unique finishing options provided by the professionals at Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium.