24 Hour Emergency Glass Replacement

Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium we pride ourselves on providing the most responsive glass repair / replacement and door repair / replacement service possible. We are the ONLY local company that provides 24-HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE. We have experienced mechanics on call to replace broken plate or safety glass, repair wind damaged doors and hardware or board ups. Our commercial glass and door repair services are the best and the fastest in the industry.

No Obligation Measurements & Quote

Do you live in the Whitsundays area and have residential or commercial glass that needs to be repaired or replaced? Complete the form below for a free no obligation quote to fix your shower enclosure, shower doors, and more.

Glass Replacements

Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium is proud to provide quality residential and commercial glass replacement to consumers in the Whitsundays area. We specialize in new and replacement windows, doors and glass for your home, car, and business. Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium is a family owned and operated and have strived to be the leading supplier in the glass and glazing industry. Our glass replacement and repair services along with the commercial and residential glass, window and door products that we provide make us the trusted choice for all of your commercial, residential and auto glass needs.

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Aluminum Framing & Curtainwalls

Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium has the experience and know-how to completely transform the exterior of your building with an aluminum curtain wall. Specifically designed to resist air, water, and wind infiltration, curtain walls are typically in-filled with commercial grade glass which enhances the overall look of the building.

Let Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium set the interior of your facility apart by installing commercial glass doors, all glass partitions, all glass walls, and decorative glass fabrications. The result is a clean and polished facility which is not only elegant, but easy to maintain. Accent your all-glass interior with a variety of metal hardware and unique finishing options provided by the professionals at Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium.

Shop Refits

Aluminium and glass storefronts can be installed in a wide variety of configurations with front entry doors, above-door transoms, and side-lite glass. Our aluminium storefronts are extremely versatile and can span the entire length of the building, wrap around corners, or serve as a simple single door entrance. Available in an array of anodized and painted finishes, aluminium storefronts also accommodate a variety of commercial-grade glass colours and thickness. Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium can install brand new aluminium storefronts or service existing storefronts according to individual project requirements and town fire and handicap codes.

Insurance Work

Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium we offer our customers a 24-hour, 365 days a year claim reporting service that handles all your glass needs. We work with all insurance carriers and preferred suppliers. Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium is your source for all direct glass claims. Our convenient, hassle-free insurance claim process makes it easy for you to schedule an appointment to get your problem fixed quickly and professionally by the experts at Whitsunday Glass & Aluminium.